My Classroom


We have a “Family Photo Collage” that displays family photos of each student! The kids absolutely LOVE this wall.

This is one of our “Inquiry Walls”. We learn about many different themes and I love to display student work here. Our themes cover an integration of several subject areas. This was our “Weather & Seasons” theme!

This is another “Inquiry Wall” which displays our “Effects of the Sun” theme.

Yes! You guessed it! Another “Inquiry Wall” which displays our “Holidays” theme. Students learned about several holidays which included US holidays as well as holidays around the world.

This is our sight words pocket chart. It displays the sight words that we are working on. I change this out frequently as students master their sight words. Below the pocket chart is a framed picture of my class from when we went on our farm field trip. It was given to me by a parent!

Here I am! You can see a few of our “Inquiry Walls” in the background as well as our morning meeting carpet area.